Terrifying demon-like monsters sent running from Sherwood Forest during wassailing ceremony!

If you went down to the woods at the weekend, you were sure of a big surprise...

Thursday, 20th January 2022, 10:00 am

Scary, horned creatures called Krampus were roaming Sherwood Forest at the weekend.

Thankfully, the curious creatures who hung around on Saturday, were sent running to the hills on Sunday when a traditional ‘wassailing’ ceremony was held to purge evil spirits and dark forces from the forest.

The strange activities were all part of the ‘Spirits of the Forest and Wassailing Weekend’.

During the ‘wassailing,’ led by Richard Townsley, the self-styled Sheriff of Nottingham, a procession led to the Major Oak and, with the help of people banging pots and pans, the Krampus and evil forest spirits were soon frightened away.

The noise was also hoped to awaken the forest ready for spring and to bring in a good year ahead.

See here some of the images from the extraordinary event...

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