Life in a posh part of town

View from Carlton Road looking down towards Victoria Square
View from Carlton Road looking down towards Victoria Square

THIS is a bygone view down Carlton Road in Worksop from the railway station.

It looks down towards Victoria Square, which was named to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887.

When these houses were built during the latter half of the nineteenth century, they were home to Worksop’s wealthier inhabitants.

The Railway Hotel catered for tourists and business people alike.

It was listed in Baedeker tourist guides of the day but was described as ‘unpretending’.

Rooms in 1910 were available from two shillings and sixpence a night.

The Victorian and Edwardian professional classes who would have lived in these houses loved to clutter up their rooms with furniture and ornaments.

Often these came from various parts of the British Empire.

But while people at the posh end of Carlton Road were living in relative splendour, those experiencing hard times in the poorer parts of the town were sometimes forced to use their doors, windows and floorboards for firewood.

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