LETTER: Affordable homes for Tesco land

So, Tesco has put its unwanted brownfield site in Worksop up for sale.

Uses mooted for the land have been many and varied, but surely the only logical and fair use is for a mix of more affordable and social housing?

In my view only one party has produced a solution for the housing shortage problem in their manifesto and that is UKIP. The respected Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has praised UKIP’s housing policy for being the “first real programme of this campaign that seeks to solve Britain’s long-term supply-side crisis”. They go on to say - “UKIP is the first party to agree to the RICS Property in Politics proposals for a national brownfield map, as a premise for the building of one million brownfield homes over the next 10 years. The spur to this colossal development project will include the relaxation of planning laws to allow conversion of out-of-town commercial property to homes, the offer of £10,000 per unit incentives to developers for brownfield remediation building, and the introduction of a statutory duty on local authorities to bring empty homes back into use with permission for them to charge up to 50% more council tax on these abandoned properties.

The building of affordable property will be encouraged by the granting of stamp duty exemptions for properties worth less than £250,000 and a National Homeless Register will be formed with a view to eliminating homelessness in the UK. They furthermore promised to scrap the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in favour of brownfield-first and greenbelt protection guidelines, streamline the planning application process by merging planning and building control departments in local authorities, while freeing local authorities from government-imposed minimum housing numbers and promoting small residential additions to villages over large-scale developments.”

This is only a brief summary – there is lots more to read on this and other fully independently certified costed policies at http://www.ukip.org/manifesto2015

Roger M. Vernon

Ribblesdale, Worksop