Joker Jon is comedy king

HAVE you heard the one about the supermarket assistant who is starting to make a name for himself on the comedy circuit?

Tuesday, 22nd November 2011, 8:42 am

Jon Corr has just won £1,000 in a local radio competition for his stand-up routine and has been likened to three of the industry greats – Ricky Gervais, Billy Connelly and Peter Kay.

He got his first break in 2007 when, never having done a routine on stage before, he came second in the Galaxy Radio jokers competition in Newcastle.

He said: “I hadn’t done any clubs or pubs work before then, I just decided to give it a go and I couldn’t believe it when I came second. The bloke who won was Chris Ramsay who is now on the telly.”

The win inspired Jon to do a gig in his home town of Retford where he packed out the Masonic Hall for two nights.

Since then he has sold out the larger town hall and appeared at venues in Worksop, Gainsborough and Sheffield. He is also hoping to get a slot at comedy clubs in Liverpool and Manchester.

Jon, 22, of Whinney Moor Way, said: “I’m prepared to travel all over to get work. I would like to make a living from comedy eventually.”

His recent competition win was Hallam FM’s Grand Comedy Howler event at Owlerton Stadium in Sheffield where he had to do two 10-minute slots.

Along with his £1,000 prize money he also won the chance to do another gig at Owlerton on 30th December.

He first discovered he could make people laugh when he was at King Edwards - now Retford Oaks - school, where he got even got some of the teachers laughing.

“I was never naughty, it was just lighthearted stuff and practical jokes.”

Jon admits his language on stage can be a bit ripe, which got him into trouble with his nan.

“My nan came to watch me and I was swearing and afterwards she gave me a right rollicking,” he laughed.

“People have said I’ve got the harshness of Ricky Gervais, the story telling of Billy Connelly and the observational skills of Peter Kay, which I’m really pleased about,” he said.

He has appeared at Worksop Library and at a charity night for sixth-formers and parents at Gainsborough Grammar School.

Jon writes about ordinary life and events, things which most people can relate to.

“Twenty minutes can seem like a long time on stage if it’s not going well, but it can go too quickly if everything is going great.”

“My worst experience was at a pub in Retford one Christmas. The place was packed with people but half way through the sound went and only the people right at the front could hear me.”

“Everyone else started talking amongst themselves because they couldn’t hear what I was saying. I had 40 minutes to do and I carried on but it was awful.”

Jon also plays football for Leverton United and enjoys a round of golf. His hobbies haven’t so far lent themselves to good comedy material though.

“I once did a routine about golf and it didn’t go down well. It’s surprising how a joke that goes down well in one place falls flat in another as well, ” he said.

For information about Jon’s next appearance at Owlerton Stadium call 0114 234 3074.