Jewellery on display at the Harley Gallery

Circles neckpeice from the Nora Fok exhibition
Circles neckpeice from the Nora Fok exhibition

Anyone attending the Harley Gallery’s latest exhibition will be amazed by what is on display.

Intricate jewellery and headpieces made from incredibly thin nylon thread to form such things as a knitted onion headpiece are on show.

Nora Fok’s extraordinary nature inspired jewellery will be showing at the Harley Gallery, near Worksop, from 22nd January to 20th March.

Her exhibition – Cloud Nylon, The Jewellery of Nora Fok – is a must see for anyone with an interest in knitting and fine craft.

The nylon thread that Nora uses is often as thin as sewing cotton, which she knits, knots, plaits and weaves by hand to make jewellery that is inspired by complex mathematics, geometry and the patterns in nature.

“Nylon microfilament is the finest plastic thread that you can imagine and is very difficult to work with,” said gallery director Lisa Gee.

“Nora makes her jewellery by hand; shaping the thin, springy thread into amazingly complicated and unique pieces – without using traditional patterns.”

People may recognise Nora’s thread as it is normally used as fishing line.

It is also used in medicine to test patient’s sense of touch, and in special effects, which is easy to imagine when looking at Nora’s jewellery.

This exhibition, commissioned by The Harley Gallery, has meant that Nora has been able to challenge her work practice to create a new large scale piece.

This piece is more ambitious and intricate than any she had attempted before.

“The commission was a wonderful opportunity to create a special piece to express something very personal to me,” said Nora.

“The starting point was my long held interest in the DNA structure, which began in my late teens.”

“I did not then understand the science but found the images beautiful, particularly the spiral movement so full of energy and life.’

Nora moved from Hong Kong to the UK in 1980 to study at Brighton Polytechnic. She was a Jerwood Contemporary Makers 2010 winner and was shortlisted for the prestigious Jerwood Prize for Applied Arts in 2007.

It is the first time Nora’s work has been shown in a solo retrospective and is not to be missed.

After showing at the Harley Gallery, the exhibition tour will continue to Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales; Stroud Museum in the Park; Touchstone Gallery, Rochdale; Bilston Craft Centre; Shipley Art Gallery and Museum, Tyne and Wear

Anyone inspired to create their own nature themed craft work after being inspired by Nora’s jewellery will not miss out.

The Harley Gallery is inviting them to join their Crafty Challenge.

Full details will be coming soon on

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