It's out with the grey and in with colour, for happy home vibes

Lockdown has unlocked Britain’s love for colour and looks likely to spell the end of the ‘grey’ home trend, while boosting wellbeing, new research has revealed.

Post pandemic Brits are more inclined to add a pop of colour to their decor, with almost half the nation admitting that they’ve introduced colour to their home over the last two years.

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Research conducted by kitchen specialist Magnet, shows that when it comes to designing home spaces, we would much rather create something which sparks joy (29 per cent) over a space which is trendy and stylish (13 per cent).

More than 80 per cent of Brits believe the colours in our home can have a positive effect on our mood and over all well-being, with a third of us believing pastel colours are most likely to evoke happy feelings.

Ludlow Rose Bowl by Magnet:

We also want our homes to showcase our unique personalities (26 per cent), and include rooms which are practical and functional.

Of newfound colour enthusiasts, 26 per cent believed colour helped to lift spirits and 20 per cent said it helped to boost well-being in a post pandemic world.

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So profound is our new love of colour that 42 per cent say that the stylish grey trend made popular by Instagram Influencers and which once dominated so many homes is now over.

When it comes to kitchens, pastel colours have never been more popular, with 74 per cent saying they have or are considering a pastel palette in their kitchen space.

Hoxto Metallic Midnight shades:

As well as believing these colours improve our well-being (35 per cent) they also make us want to spend more time in our kitchens (27 per cent).

When surveyed about what new pastel shades made them feel, from a choice of 12 emotions, most of these colours were said to provoke feelings of joy, calmness and happiness in people.

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Pastel colours remind us of Spring, create a feeling of warmth, and help to create light and airy spaces.

Lizzie Beesley, Head of Design at Magnet, said: “It’s no surprise to us that we’re all lusting for colour as homeowners steer away from grey, but we are amazed at the consumer response to the connection between colour and wellbeing.

“Throughout the interior design industry, wellbeing has become a primary focus for design which is why it’s such a positive sign that homeowners are actively craving colour in the home for this specific aim. I

"t is a key reason why we’re focusing on pastels and colourful kitchens in our ranges, however it’s great to see that consumers are also making that connection too.

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“Pastels are a surprisingly versatile and transformative colour palette and have a wondrous way of turning drab grey spaces into something special.

"We can also see the trend for pastel shades emerge in the fashion world, as shoppers seek softer shades that are gentle and soothing.

“Trends in fashion and interiors often go hand-in-hand and in 2022 we’re certainly seeing a demand for styles that make us feel good, as well as looking beautiful on the outside."

To find out more about Magnet’s Perfect Pastels collection and how you can incorporate colour into your kitchen visit:

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