History of libraries in Worksop

The public library opened in May 1902 on Watson Road, Worksop.
The public library opened in May 1902 on Watson Road, Worksop.

THIS week’s Archive Corner picture is of the former Worksop public library on Watson Road.

The Free Public Library and Technical Institute, to give it its full name, was opened in May 1902.

As well as a library, the institute also housed a general news and reading room, a spacious lecture hall and room for classes in the basement.

There was a separate reading room for ladies, which seems quaint now in these days of equality.

A new library in Memorial Avenue replaced the Watson Road building in March 1938.

Worksop library remained on that site until last year when a brand new library was built close by, also on Memorial Avenue, opening on 20th September.

Today’s library is also about more than just being a place to borrow books.

Like it’s Watson Road predecessor it has plenty of space for sitting and reading, separate meeting rooms, a separate facility with its own kitchen area and even a cafe.

Upstairs there is an extensive local history section and an art gallery area where local groups can exhibit work.

In a time of cutbacks it’s good to know that an excellent library still serves the people of Worksop.

If you have any memories of Worksop libaries that you would like to share then please get in touch and share them with our readers.