Great way to start the day at Jilly’s

Pictured is Jill Chappell, owner of Jilly's Cafe  (w120710-7c)
Pictured is Jill Chappell, owner of Jilly's Cafe (w120710-7c)

It’s commonly known as the most important meal of the day, so it’s imperative we do it right. It’s one of the first activities we do and can shape the following hours in more ways than one.

So when it’s time for breakfast, whatever time of the day it may be, you need something that gives you the energy to tackle the tasks that lie ahead.

Jilly's Cafe, Gateford Road, Worksop  (w120710-7d)

Jilly's Cafe, Gateford Road, Worksop (w120710-7d)

That’s why, luckily for us, Jilly’s Cafe serves up a variety of all-day breakfasts to satisfy your stomach rumblings, after you’ve teared yourself away from the comfy realms of a warm bed.

From a bacon sandwich and a cheese toasty to a traditional breakfast and egg on toast - poached, scrambled or fried, you’re bound to find something here to keep hunger at bay.

The traditional breakfasts come in all shapes and sizes, with Jilly’s Special to the Big Breakfast and vegetarian options.

Offering two rashers of bacon, two meaty sausages, two hash browns, egg, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, toast and tea or coffee (£4.25) for the Big Breakfast - I was sold.

It was one of those gloomy Friday mornings, what else was I to do?

Walking along Gateford Road, the aromas coming from Jilly’s lured me into what I found to be a warm and friendly environment.

I was greeted promptly and efficiently, and a much-needed cup of tea was placed on the counter right underneath my nose.

It was the perfect answer to wash away any advancing symptoms of the dreaded man-flu.

Making my way over to my table, I couldn’t help but glance over at those already digging into their choice of breakfasts, anticipating what I had in store. Within minutes my breakfast arrived. It was a sizeable fry-up boasting all the benefits of the first meal of the day.

No black pudding, but it wasn’t needed.

I thought the side plate for my toast was a nice touch, giving the diner the option of as-it-comes or mopping up all the juices from the tomatoes, beans and brown sauce, which were the remains of a hearty and flavoursome breakfast.

The hash browns were crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle - something often taken for granted, until you experience a bad one. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case here and the complete package was a winning combination.

As well as breakfasts, Jilly’s serve a range of light bites, sandwiches, main meals - including a chicken, beef or pork roast dinner - vegetarian options and daily specials.

With a choice of jacket potatoes, kids meals and puddings to choose from, as well as a takeaway or eat-in option open Monday to Saturday 9am-3pm, Jilly’s caters for all at a very reasonable price.

A hearty way to start the day!

by Matt Brooks