Good enough to eat: Curry leaves

Have some fun with edible houseplants while you’re hibernating this winter and look no further than the Murraya, whose leaves will give you a home-grown curry flavour better than any take-away.
Curry leaves plants.   PA PhotoCurry leaves plants.   PA Photo
Curry leaves plants. PA Photo

Not to be confused with the silver-leaved curry plant, the Murraya is difficult to find in the UK but if you have access to an Asian supermarket which stocks it, you can take cuttings from the fresh stems.

Strip all the leaves off, plunging the stems into a bowl of water for a couple of hours.

Cut the branches into 15cm lengths and dip the ends in rooting hormone powder, then plant them in moist, gritty compost.

They’ll do best in a heated propagator, but otherwise use a clear clingfilm over the pot to keep in the moisture and warmth. Pot on later into ericaceous compost with added grit.

Curry leaves like humidity, so grow them indoors all year round in a sunny, draught-free room. When you are ready for your curry, snip off the lower leaves and add to your dish.

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