First News: Cheetahs set to return to India

India will have some new guests next month, with cheetahs set to return to the plainsIndia will have some new guests next month, with cheetahs set to return to the plains
India will have some new guests next month, with cheetahs set to return to the plains
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Cheetahs set to return to India

Eight cheetahs will be zooming around the plains of India next month, 70 years after the big cats became extinct in the country.

The cheetahs will be taken from Namibia in Africa and released in Kuno-Palpur National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

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Rollercoaster thrillsRollercoaster thrills
Rollercoaster thrills

Did you know that India is home to the only remaining population of lions outside Africa? Several hundred of the animals live in the Gir Forest.


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This week's puzzleThis week's puzzle
This week's puzzle

By Amelie Henderson

While my family were on a trip to the New Forest, we spent a great day at Paultons Park.

I’ve been before, but now I’m older, it was the first time I was brave (and tall!) enough to try

out some of the faster, more exciting rides!

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The completed weekly puzzleThe completed weekly puzzle
The completed weekly puzzle

I really loved the rollercoasters, and my favourite was the Farmyard Flyer, which is shaped like an aeroplane and zooms around an old-fashioned American farmyard. It was so much fun, although I felt like I left my tummy behind!

After that, my little sister wanted to go to Peppa Pig World, so I relaxed on a couple of more gentle rides with her. We ended the day at the splash park (even though it was a pretty cold day!), so we went home with wet hair and big smiles.


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A medieval shipwreck known as the Mortar Wreck has been given the highest level of legal protection. The vessel, which was found off the Dorset coast, is made from timber dating back to between 1242 and 1265. It is now the oldest protected wreck in English waters.

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