Fish and chips fit for the captain’s table

WHEN the nights get colder and darker much earlier and the Autumn slowly starts to set in, those simple and familiar comforts become much more important.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 3rd October 2011, 8:00 am

Going back to basics, you can’t get much more satisfying than a good bag of fish and chips.

It’s a classic British dish that may seem easy – but it’s also quite easy for a lot of people to get wrong.

Far too often do you find yourself in another dismal chippy with something utterly forgettable and underwhelming – usually in the form of greasy and flavourless flat shells of potato mess and poor quality fish.

That’s certainly not something you’ll find at Skippers on Trinity Street.

As Gainsborough basked in the glorious sunshine of an Indian Summer, a bright and breezy mood swept the town, and the welcome and service I receive at Skippers was certainly no exception.

I pondered the menu for a while. They offer a succinct but effective menu of everything from pizzas and burgers to pies an impressive range of meal deals at very reasonable prices.

One of which was for £4.75 with a large fish and chips you get a free burger, side or battered sausage – a great night in for two at a price you really can’t argue with.

I went for a medium haddock and chips with curry sauce. Clocking in at just over £3, that’s value you can’t really grumble with, especially when you consider the remarkably generous size of the portions.

Now to where it really matters – the taste.

Cooked before my eyes, it felt good to know that my fish was fresh and hadn’t been sat behind the counter for hours, but what made it all the better was that it was one of the flakiest and tastiest pieces of fish I’ve had in a while. It was battered just right and it wasn’t too heavy. With a squirt of lemon it was just right.

As I said before, chips from the chippy can often be a let-down – but not these.

These chips were fantastic. Full-bodied, filling and fresh, you could still taste the potato skins.

Drenched in a thick and flavoursome tangy curry sauce and accompanied by a cup of tea, these are chips the way chips should be.

It may not be a five star gourmet affair, but Skippers offer an old traditional favourite done just the right way.

The simple pleasures in life are the best, and Skippers have certainly got you covered for those take-away winter warmers.

By Andrew Trendell