9 things we all thought were posh when we were kids

From Vienetta to name-brand coke, there are a number of things we all considered to be posh – and therefore only for special occasions – when we were children.

By Sarah Marshall
Wednesday, 3rd February 2021, 10:39 am

But after growing up and beginning to bring in our own money, our ideas of what should only be saved for best; and what we should and should not spend our hard-earned cash on have evolved somewhat.

Many have joined in with a light-hearted discussion on the things we considered posh as children, after comedian Lauren Pattison asked on Twitter: “If you grew up working class what’s something that absolutely ISN’T posh but you thought it was? Me - when we had burgers for tea sometimes my dad would toast the bread bun under the grill and I’d be like...’we’re being fancy tonight when did we become royalty’?”

Scroll through our list and see how many you agree with.

1, Viennetta

For many youngsters, the layered ice cream cake made by Wall’s was for special occasions only – making the taste of it even sweeter.

Other desserts contributors considered “posh” when they were growing up included the Romantica ice cream cake from Carte D’Or and a Sara Lee gateau.

2, Tupperware

Having Tupperware; name brand coke and using your front room or going out for a coffee instead of having instant at home are among the things people considered "posh" when they were kids

Daniel Scott posted: “Tupperware. Took sandwiches to school for years in an empty Vitalite butter tub.”

3, Going out for a coffee

Juanita Phillips said: “Buying coffee in a cafe instead of having Nescafé at home. I introduced my mum to cafés when she was 65.”

4, Using the front room

David Severn commented: “The "front room". One would think a family in a terraced house would use every inch of space. But the front room was holy. Used for funerals or the occasional reception of "company". I associate it with a belted Earl telling his butler he will receive a visitor in drawing room.”

5, Being treated to name brand coke

Rob said: “Maybe not posh, but an actual treat was REAL coke (coca cola or Pepsi) rather than the Panda cola...off the pop van!”

6, Up-market bath products

Among the products considered more up-market than your standard supermarket bubble bath were “bath pearls”; “Fenjal” and “badedas.”

7, Liquid soap

Russ joked: “Liquid soap. Soap was a solid block, unless you were borderline aristocracy. Also, toilet paper was in a flat packet, and you could use it as tracing paper. It your loo contained soft, fluffy rolls, you were a middle class jessy!”

8, The whole family eating a meal at the table

Jamie Hutchinson said: “Family eating tea at the table, at the same times. Like we owned land.”

9, Electric alternatives to kitchenware

Contributors said they considered an electric carver and electric whisk to be pretty posh when they were youngsters.


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