Everton Players to return

THE ACCLAIMED Everton Players are set to return by bringing another top play to the area.

Sunday, 12th February 2012, 2:30 pm

The Village Players of Everton will be presenting four one act plays from Alan Bennett’s well-loved Talking Heads series.

The plays all tell different stories from the lives of four characters where Bennett excels in these sensitively drawn works - each painting a picture where the audience can see significance in the words of the story tellers they themselves are not always aware of.

Players chairman, David Bardsley said: “On the casting evening we saw such good performances that we really wanted to put on four plays, but there was only really time for three. The solution was to put on three of the four plays on each evening of the four day run.

The Everton Players’ performance of Talking HEDS run from 15th to 18th February in Everton Village Hall.

Tickets are are £4 - £5 and are availably by calling 01777 817275 or by visiting www.evplayers.org.uk .

An all inclusive ticket for the show, together with a pre-theatre dinner at the Blacksmith’s Arms, just yards from the village hall, is just £18 (or £17 for students).