Drilling for King and country

THIS picture takes us back to wartime food shortages.

These farmers are drilling wheat in October 1939 on grassland which had been ploughed up under the Government’s Grow More Food campaign.

The campaign began with the outbreak of the Second World War and was aimed at increasing the production of essential crops.

At the start of the war the Government effectively took control of British farming through its network of War Agricultural Committees.

In an attempt to place as much land as possible under cultivation, the Government offered farmers financial assistance.

However, farmers refusing to comply with the demands made by their local War Agricultural Committee, or failing to achieve targets set by the ministry, were liable to evicton without compensation.

Every effort had to be made to provide enough homegrown crops to keep the population fed.

Do you remember the Grow More Food campaign?

Perhaps you were part of a farming family which had to comply with the new Government rules, or you remember grassed areas being dugged up.

Get in touch and tell us your memories, and send your photos in to share with other readers.