Dream of a dance class

When she was working a bank manager Tracey Everett-Fox used to dream of owning her own dance school.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 3rd May 2012, 5:30 pm

She has danced since the age of three and has been teaching for five years, using schools and church halls to hold her classes.

But now her dream of having her own premises has come true with the opening of the Everett-Fox School of Dance in her home village of Misterton.

“It’s my dream come true, I absolutely love coming to work,” said Tracey, who signed the lease for the premises on her 40th birthday in February.

The school is in Millennium House, a former factory on Fox Covert Lane, part of which is a sports and social club.

“It was built in the 1960s and the room was full of old computer equipment, with wallpaper falling off and holes in the wall.”

“I got an architect to design it for me and then I used a local builder Geoff Simpson to do the work and he was great. I used a local electrician and plumber as well to bring work into the area.”

The school has a special hardwearing floor designed to cope with all kinds of dancing, mirrors all along one wall with a handrail in front, and downlights.

Tracey, whose own nine-year-old daughter Kazzia attends the school, said: “It’s been a big investment for me but it’s worth it.”

“I want it to be used as much as possible and so I’m looking to increase the number of dance classes and introduce fitness and exercise sessions.”

Tracey, of Ashdown Way, first started teaching dance in 2007 with about 20 pupils.

She now teaches 14 classes a week and has more than 100 pupils.

“The numbers just kept growing which is why I needed my own school. I teach ballet, tap, theatrecraft, street dance and freestyle and I also have adult classes.”

“I’m teaching every evening except Thursday and Saturday mornings so my husband Darren says he hardly sees me, but he’s very supportive because he knows it’s my dream.”

Eighteen-year-old pupil Lauren Riley is now studying to be a dance teacher herself at the Lynn Crosskill dance school in Grimsby, the same place Tracey first learnt to dance.

Lauren’s mum Lesley, of Grovewood Road, Misterton, is also one of Tracey’s pupils.

Lesley said: “I go to the adults’ classes on Wednesday nights and we’ve been doing Bollywood, quickstep, jive and cha-cha.”

“I really enjoy it and I think the new school is absolutely fantastic for the village, it’s a great facility.”

Zoe Bott, of Old Forge Road, Misterton, said her nine-year-old daughter Amelia had been going to Tracey’s classes since day one, five years ago.

“The new school is brilliant, I know it was a real passion of Tracey’s to get it,” said Zoe.

“You only have to see the way she is with the children to see how much it means to her, she’s made them all feel involved the whole way through.

Classes are charged weekly to keep payments easier for parents.

Tracey, who also teaches dance in Bassetlaw schools, said she would like to hear from any dance or fitness teachers who would like to hold classes at her school.

She can be contacted on 07887 664883.