COMMUNITY: Priories Historical Society

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On April 7, the members and visitors were treated to a brand new talk by Mr Pat McLaughlin, local expert. His talk was entitled ‘Signs, Symbols and Secrets’ and covered the interesting carvings that can be seen on buildings, mainly in churches. These covered many in the local area which can be visited and included green men; and secret symbols showing the owners were Christian in the days when it was dangerous to belong to a new religion among many others. The Priories meet at the Innings Public House in Prospect, usually on the first Thursday of every month, but can sometimes change when it clashes (e.g. with Easter or bank holidays). The next meeting is Thursday, May 5, at 7.30pm, when Professor Ian Rotherham, who has done extensive research into the subject, will be talking about Robin Hood, fact or fiction.

This will also cover information on Sherwood Forest.

The cost is £2 for members and £3 for visitors.

All are welcome. There is also a raffle during the meeting.