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Community events.
Community events.

On June 22, our friends from The Parkinson Group joined the group for a day trip to Liverpool. The weather was kind to us and we had a really pleasant day.

At the Meeting on Friday, July 1, the speaker was Tracy Simmons from Parkgate Mobility. It is said that you may find humour in most things and Tracy gave us both the humour and a serious side of dealing with all aspects of the problems affecting people with mobility issues. In conjunction with South Yorkshire Police his concern is safety and his aim is to make our roads safer by giving clear advice to the users of mobility scooters. Outreach sessions, displays in supermarkets and widespread advertising help. Tracy, himself, will be happy to give advice to anyone.

Lawfully, mobility scooter users are not required to have previous driving experience, nor insurance. Tracy and his team don’t allow people acquiring scooters from his organisation to purchase without insurance, both for their own peace of mind and the obvious other benefits. They gave a fleet of 6000 mobility scooters available in most shopping centres around the country.

On a serious note South Yorkshire has experienced a great number of accidents on the road, with many fatalities which is of great concern.

There are many varied aids for use in the home, from the obvious , i.e.walking sticks, to help turning keys in locks and many many more, some causing mirth and guessing games.

The next meeting is on August, 5, at 2.30pm at Bassetlaw Hospital in the Post Grad Centre, when we shall give a welcome the return of Sam Glasswell, Bassetlaw Museum Curator. All new members may be sure of a warm welcome.