Comments are way off

I feel I must comment on Mike Hall’s piece on the proposed new speed limit on the M1.

Saturday, 25th January 2014, 9:24 am

As for the second half of his letter, I totally agree with, and here it is unfortunately the bit about the trucks. I am sorry but he is way off the mark! May I draw his attention to Volvo and Saab cars, both companies manufacture trucks with the new euro5/6 lean burn engines. We have never seen so many new trucks on the road as we do now with ad blue exhaust additive, and let us not forget most of the new car features we now enjoy come from HGV innovations, and both myself and almost all HGV drivers are instructed on how to optimise our vehicles, something the normal driver would never understand unless they travelled hundreds of thousands of miles per year.

Andrew Ward

Lime Tree Avenue,