Cafe lives up to its name

Say the words ‘Truly Scrumptious’ and it immediately takes me back to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - one of my favourite childhood films.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 8th March 2013, 3:05 pm

It’s the song the children sing to sweetmaker’s daughter Truly at the seaside when they say her name tells you what it is ‘right from the start’.

But can the same be said for Truly Scrumptious - the recently-opened cafe at the top of Bridge Street which boasts plenty of sweet treats and much more?

Ready for some relaxation after working on our new-look papers one Saturday morning, I headed up to the top of town with my colleagues in search of lunch.

We had heard a lot about the new community cafe - formerly The Coffee Pot and now run by new owners Sarah and Viv who pride themselves on bringing ‘Ingredients to Life’ to Worksop.

Stepping inside the bright and welcoming interior, we were given a warm welcome and took our seats to explore the enticing-looking menu.

There was plenty on offer, from breakfast specialities, soups and baguettes to toasted paninis and salad bowls.

And if that wasn’t enough there is also a specials board packed with a range of changing main meals featuring traditional favourites such as meat and potato pie.

Truly Scrumptious is also a family-friendly cafe, offering a children’s menu with prices starting from £2 and even a children’s birthday party menu priced £10 per head.

Sam and Hayley went for the Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Roll (£2.95) from the Breakfast section, while I went for the Roasted Red Pepper Soup with bread (£2.50).

The place was certainly packed with diners and there was a nice atmosphere as we chatted while waiting for our food to arrive.

And the words ‘truly scrumptious’ definitely came to my mind when the waitress brought my soup to the table. It was in a delicately-sized tureen, drizzled with sour cream and topped with a basil leaf.

And it passed the home-made soup test. I will never forget ordering home-made soup in one cafe, only to see the waitress opened a can of soup in the kitchen.

But this was no tinned affair - it was packed with delicious flavours and went perfectly with the fresh-tasting crusty roll.

My colleagues were equally impressed with their BLTs which came on a soft brown roll with a generous serving of lettuce and tomato.

Both said the bacon was cooked exactly to their liking, just the right side of crispy and, to their delight, had very little fat on it.

Hayley said the bacon tasted as though it had just been cooked - a big plus as many places often use gristly bacon in their sandwiches which has been cooked and then left to go cold.

Sam said there was just the right amount of mayonnaise coated on the bread, which finished the sandwich off perfectly, and was all washed down with a cool glass of lemonade.

In fact, it was so delicious that her only grumble was it should have been bigger.

Pleasantly full, we queued up to pay and our eyes spied upon the dresser which featured a mouth-watering array of sweet treats.

Hayley and I ordered a slice of Victoria Sponge to enjoy at home later - we both agreed it was delicious but slightly let down by the buttercream.

This was only a minor quibble in what was a fantastic experience which dished up great home-made food in a friendly setting - and all with change for a fiver.

We spied some great-value dessert and drink deals, including afternoon tea, and know we will be back soon for more.

Chantal Spittles