Arena serves up Jackpot bangers

Jackpot Bar at North Notts Arena for Guardian Gourmet (w110629-2)
Jackpot Bar at North Notts Arena for Guardian Gourmet (w110629-2)

I’m a recent addition to the Guardian team but I have been here long enough to hear my colleagues speak hungrily about ‘Nigel’s’.

That is what we call the Jackpot Bar at North Notts Community Arena - affectionately nicknamed after its charismatic manager Nigel Turner.

So after much talk I decided to give it the taste test and check out what the place has to offer.

A group of us set off one lunchtime to the arena on Eastgate.

It is an institution in Worksop, a place where folk young and old meet socially, play sport and enjoy a good snack.

The bar’s raised seating area gives diners a view of the indoor bowls and snooker games being played in the hall.

Our group of six had no problem finding a table. We had missed the lunchtime rush and the place was quiet.

The Jackpot Bar is open from 11am til 10.45pm serving drinks and food at selected times throughout the day.

There is a vast menu consisting of toasties, burgers, potato skins, omelettes, jacket potatoes - all with your choice of filling.

The choice of main meals is also impressive. I hovered over cottage pie with roast potatoes and veg (£3.95) before settling on a sausage and onion baguette for £2.80.

I placed my order with the friendly bar man and noted the wide selection of soft and alcoholic drinks available.

I went for a coke which took my order to an affordable £3.70.

We had hardly got back to our seats before the food began to arrive.

My colleagues had opted for a ham baguette (£3) served with salad, two steak-wiches with cheese (£2.80) with extra chips, and a generous plate full of scampi, chips and peas (£4.25).

Looking around I was getting serious food envy. But not for long.

I couldn’t wait to tuck into my baguette stuffed with two juicy bangers and a sprinkling of buttery fried onions.

One thing’s first though - a generous dollop of tomato ketchup.

I can safely say it was one of the best sausage butties I’ve had.

Baguettes can be a bit on the tough side, but this one was fresh and soft.

The sausages were not gourmet bangers, just good honest meaty morsels.

And the onions had that lovely slightly smoky taste, straight off the frying pan.

In summary the Jackpot Bar offers great value bar food, a friendly atmosphere and a sense of community.

If you haven’t been yet, give ‘Nigel’s’ a go.

Have some food, a game of snooker or use the gym next door.

There’s lots going on at North Notts Community Arena. See

By Hayley Gallimore

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