12 fantastic photos from Clowne Heritage's school prom in 2010

With covid-19 restrictions in place for a few more weeks, we take you back to 2010 with these great Heritage school prom pictures.

Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 2:42 pm
Clowne Heritage School Prom 2010
Clowne Heritage School Prom 2010

See who our photographer captured at the Clowne Heritage School prom held at Ringwood Hall, Brimington, over a decade ago. Recognise anyone?

Laura Grafton, 16 and Jody Morehen, 16 are ready for the school prom
Schhol proms are always a good excuse for some statement transportation! Here prom goers get a lift thanks to the A-team
Clowne Heritage School youngsters arrive at their prom in style
Brogan Warren, 15, Melissa Jackson , 16, Bryony Warren, 16 and Charmaine Keeton, 16 show off their stunning outfits for the prom
The Heritage School boys look sharp too for the prom
Sam Parks, 16, Harley Bilson, 16, Katie Wilson, 16 and Shelley Dodsworth, 16 arrive at the Heritage School prom
Clowne Heritage School students look their best for the prom.
Clowne Heritage School prom.
The prom was held at Ringwood Hall in Chesterfield
There's always time to pose for another photo at the school prom!
Sam Parks, 16 and April Woolmer, 16 in Ringwood Hall's gardens
Jake Rushen, 18, Josh Bennett, 18, Ben Everett, 18 and Thomas Dodd, 18, at the Clowne Heritage School prom.