Worksop RAF veteran set to mark 100th birthday

A Worksop veteran of WWII is set to celebrate his centenary.

By Tim Cunningham
Friday, 8th May 2020, 3:18 pm
Updated Friday, 8th May 2020, 3:18 pm
Jack Tongue in 2020 and 1945.
Jack Tongue in 2020 and 1945.

Jack Tongue turns 100 on May 15, and served with the RAF as a fitter-armourer.

“I used to load the planes up with guns and ammunition, bombs," he told the Worksop Guardian. “I did my square-bashing in Skegness and I was posted to Ireland.”

Jack was born on Canal Road. His dad worked with horses and he had two brothers and a sister.

He met his wife Jean while walking up Newcastle Avenue.

“She was beautiful. She was cleverer than me! I said good morning and I thought "Boy, I'm coming up here again.”

“I came up five or six times and one day I stopped her and arranged to meet her for a little walk. We did do and we started. Her parents took to me.

“We got married in St Anne's Church. I miss her very much. I lost her 20 years ago.”

The couple had two boys: Paul, who is 67, and lives in the south of England, and Raife, who became the postmaster in South Anston, but died tragically young.

“He was a good lad - both of them were,” says Jack.

“Up until about seven years ago I was playing golf. I was 85 years of age and I got a hole in one - and it's the only hole in one I ever got!”

Friend Angie Green said: “He is a lovely man who is polite to everyone and really loves people.”

Happy birthday Jack!