Fascinating pictures reveal interior of abandoned Bracebridge Pumping Station

These photos show a fascinating glimpse inside Bracebridge Pumping Station - abandoned and neglected since being used to pump sewage in the Victorian era.

By Ben McVay
Friday, 2nd October 2020, 12:30 pm

In the amazing pictures machinery used to operate the pump can be seen still intact as well as grand supporting columns and archways - giving the old building the look of a cathedral.

One shot shows the scale of the 1880s structure’s huge chimney through a window while eerie-looking, narrow, brick passageways are also visible.

This week the council announced a ‘local business owner’ had bought the pumping Station - with plans to ‘sympathetically convert’ the iconic building for new use.

The 1880s structure’s huge chimney through a window

It came after conservation campaigners The Victorian Society announced on Wednesday that the 1880s structure was on its top 10 most-endangered list.

They say the ‘Italian Romanesque-style’ building is ‘rapidly deteriorating and the striking, slender chimney is steadily eroding’.

However Bracebridge councillor Jo White described it as ‘a well built, huge and solid building with no major structural defects that has the potential to be brought back to life’.

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New owner hopes to restore dilapidated Bracebridge Pumping Station
Grand supporting columns and archways give the old building the look of a cathedral

It is unclear what plans the pumping station’s new owner has for the building however Councillor White added: “We will continue to work with the new owner so that this important part of Worksop’s heritage can be conserved in a sympathetic and appropriate manner.”

The photographer who captured the scenes inside the pumping house, who did not want to be named, told how he entered two years ago - before new security gates were erected.

He said: “It’s fascinating - it’s been there all my life because I was born around the corner from it.

“We used to play in it as kids so I’m really excited and like the idea of it being used again.

Narrow, brick passageways inside the pumping station

“When I see abandoned buildings I like the decay and the ruin but I also want to see them restored - some people are saying it’s an eyesore but it isn’t.

“It’s not actually in that bad a state and I’ve seen worse houses - but whatever the plans are they’ll be difficult as there’s some flooding inside and it’s right next to the canal and the river.”

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Machinery used to operate the pump can be seen still intact