Nottinghamshire Freemasons help Worksop College with PPE project

The Freemasons of Nottinghamshire are supporting Worksop College in raise more than £5,000 to keeping NHS and other key workers safe by making plastic visors.

Thursday, 14th May 2020, 4:50 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th May 2020, 8:58 am

When the college put out an appeal through its Old Worksopian Society for donations to help boost its Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) project to supply the hospital and care sector with desperately needed face visors, the Freemasons were quick to react and donations were quickly forthcoming from the Provincial Grand Lodge, Worksop Masonic Club and the Old Worksopian Lodge.

Thanks to these donations and those of the community meant that, in just 36 hours, the college raised more £5,000 to increase production levels of protective face visors.

Since the lockdown began, the college has been working daily to make personal protective equipment for NHS staff, a project initiated by Gary Duckering, head of design technology at the college.

Nottinghamshire Freemason Ken Chui, a hospital radiographer, and his wife Gladys who is a carer, with two of the face masks

The college is grateful for all the support that has been shown by individuals, as well as the Freemasons.

The funds have seen the addition of 13 new printers, along with reels of filament material which is used to produce the protective face visors.

Dr John Price, headmaster, said; “It is testament to the strong community that exists both inside and outside the college.

“The additional printers and materials required to produce the protective visors will enable us to increase our production significantly, making a huge difference to those who need them most in the region.”

To date, the college has sent out more than 500 visors across the region, to Bassetlaw Hospital, GP surgeries, local healthcare practitioners, care homes, and crematorium staff.

The visors have also been sent further afield to Cambridge and London.

Philip Marshall, head of freemasonry in Nottinghamshire, added: ““Our relationship with Worksop College is very important to us and we are pleased to be in partnership with the college on an initiative which assists in protecting the NHS and those working in the care sector.”

Local NHS providers who need PPE should send requests to Lucy Smithson at [email protected]