Here are all the activities that will STILL be banned after lockdown

The Prime Minister is set to announce his ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown this evening, February 22 – but there will be plenty of things we will still be unable to do for a while.

By Sam Ward
Monday, 22nd February 2021, 11:25 am

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to outline a four-stage ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown at 7pm this evening, February 22.

He is expected to announce the return of schools from March 8, as well as socially distanced one-on-one meetups with people from other households outdoors.

This includes socialising in a park, or going for coffee – activities currently restricted by the rules.

With Glastonbury already cancelled, festivals are not expected to return until the last stage of the 'roadmap'.

Outdoor sport is also set to return from March 29 for children and adults, including golf, football and tennis.

People must no longer stay at home by law and will no longer be told to stay local but they will still be asked to work from home where possible and no overnight stays will be permitted.

What will remain closed?

Pubs and restaurants may be able to return in April with outdoor seating only, as well as the return of the ‘rule of six’ and curfews.

Non-essential shops are also being monitored and are expected to return in April as part of stage two of the roadmap.

Late-night venues such as nightclubs and theatres are expected to stay closed beyond March, despite official lockdown ending – with possible ‘rapid’ testing implemented to help them reopen.

Hairdressers will remain closed until at least May, with indoor areas of pubs and restaurants staying closed until this time.

Gyms are also expected to be closed until stage three of the roadmap, with most sports deemed acceptable being outside.

Hotels and B&B’s may finally be allowed to open in June, and ‘staycations’ could be allowed.

Mass events, such as rugby, football and festivals could also return in June – but it is certain it will not be before then.

What will we STILL have to do?

The Prime Minister is expected to tell the nation to remain working from home if possible, as well as socially distancing in public.

It is expected that masks will be a necessity in supermarkets, and when shops and events return, for the foreseeable.