Bassetlaw emergency departments ‘busy’ after hot weather

Clinicians at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals which operates Bassetlaw Hospital are asking residents to consider alternative health services as the trust’s Emergency Departments care for more patients than usual.

Due to the hot weather experienced during the Easter break, the trust is currently caring for a large number of related illnesses and injuries such as severe sunburns and respiratory conditions.

Please only use the Emergency Department when its just that  an emergency."

Please only use the Emergency Department when its just that an emergency."

Dr Nick Mallaband, Emergency Care Group Director and Consultant at the Trust, said: “Please only use the Emergency Department when it’s just that – an emergency.

“If you do fall ill or have suffered an injury, you can seek advice by calling NHS 111, booking an appointment at the Doncaster Same Day Health Centre and if it’s really urgent, calling 999.”

If you need medical advice or support, there are a number of services in Doncaster and Worksop such as your GP, local pharmacist, NHS 111, the Doncaster Same Day Health Centre and Minor Injuries Unit at Montagu Hospital in Mexborough.

A trust spokesman said: “Please only attend the Emergency Department if your condition is urgent and life-threatening and help to ensure that the service is available for those that need it most.”

Here are some tips to help you choose health services wisely:

Self-care – A lot of illnesses can be treated in your home.

NHS 111 – This 24 hour offers advice and information over the phone.

Pharmacist – Your pharmacist is a highly trained healthcare professional who can give you advice.

GP – Your own GP is the best person to speak to about persistent problems and illnesses that won’t go away.

Minor Injuries Unit at Mexborough Montagu Hospital – The unit is open every day from 9.00am to 9.00pm.

Emergency Department or 999 – The telephone advisor will arrange appropriate assistance for the patient based on the illness or injury.