Animal sanctuary appeals for donations after flu outbreak

A North Anston animal sanctuary is appealing for help following an outbreak of cat flu which has left the charity desperately low on funds.

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Thornberry Animal Sanctuary currently has 45 cats in its care and, out of those, 15 cats and kittens have been affected by the flu.

Cattery manager Sheila Underwood said: “Cat flu can come from anywhere and although we do our best to safeguard against it, all it takes is for one person who has been exposed to bring it in.

“Despite us isolating and completing infection control at the first signs of the flu, it spread like wildfire and, even, worse, it got to some of the kittens we currently have in our care and it’s left them desperately ill.”

At the moment, all the poorly cats and kittens on medication, which is being changed to another to see if it is more effective.

Usually our vet bills are £9,000 per month alone, with this on top we’re looking at potentially double that for the next couple of months until the outbreak is under control.

On top of the additional medical expenses, the sanctuary recently had five kitten dumped at its gates, putting even more pressure on already limited resources.

Sheila added: “We won’t let a single cat or kitten suffer and we’re sure our supporters wouldn’t either. We receive no funding from the council or government, so we rely entirely on your kindness.”

Supporters have already chipped in with donations and one generous cat lover has even bought the Sanctuary a much-needed nebulizer to help clear the cats’ airways.

To donate to the sanctuary’s vet fund, text VETS19 followed by £1, £2, £5 or £10 to 70070, visit the Todwick Road facility in person, or go online to the Thornberry Facebook page.