Schools in Bassetlaw praised for helping children with ADHD

Staff, teachers and coaches who were all involved in the ADHD training and assessment at the schools.
Staff, teachers and coaches who were all involved in the ADHD training and assessment at the schools.

Nine schools in Bassetlaw have been recognised for their efforts to tackle attention deficit hyperactivity disoprder (ADHD) among their pupils.

The schools, which include four in Worksop, have received training and assessment over the past year on how to help children with ADHD.

Now, they have been presented with ‘ADHD Friendly’ kitemark status as part of a pilot project overseen by the Bassetlaw Primary Behaviour Partnership (BPBP), which focuses on the teaching of children at risk of exclusion.

Sue Sparks, senior specialist teacher at the BPBP, said: “These schools have demonstrated a real commitment to helping pupils with ADHD.

“Ideally, we would want all schools to replicate the inclusive nature and dedication of these schools, so that all children receive this provision.”

ADHD is a behavioural disorder that affects between three and nine per cent of school-aged youngsters.

Symptoms include lack of attentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness, which can result in academic under-achievement and difficulties with relationships.

Most children are diagnosed between the ages of six and 12, often when they start school.

If not addressed effectively, ADHD can lead to social and emotional problems, specific learning difficulties, failure at school and a struggle to resolve conflict.

The Bassetlaw project, which has been delivered in conjunction with the Leicester-based company, ADHD Solutions, has successfully challenged school’s perceptions, as well as provide training for staff.

Christine Jarvis, a specialist coach with ADHD Solutions, said: “The kitemark awarded to these schools is a recognition of their incredible work and the impact they are having on pupils with ADHD.”

The nine schools to be presented with the ‘ADHD Friendly’ kitemark are: Carr Hill Primary in Retford, Gateford Park Primary in Worksop, Harworth Church of England Academy, Leverton Academy in Retford, Sparken Hill Acadermy in Worksop, St Anne’s Church of England Primary in Worksop, St Joseph’s Primary in Retford, Thrumpton Primary Academy and Worksop Priory Academy.