Photos: From Welbeck to Worksop – here are the best 'pie stops' according to readers

As January 23 marks ‘National Pie Day’ here in the UK – we have asked readers for their suggestion on the best place for a pie in Worksop.

National Pie Day seeks to celebrate all things pie, a tribute to the popular dish that has remained a foodie favourite over the years.

Pies have a long history in British culinary tradition, dating back to the 12th century.

Notable variants such as Cornish pasty, steak and kidney pie, and the pork pies of Melton Mowbray are all part of British cuisine.

And a true Yorkshire pie is simply a raised pie filled with poultry and game of different kinds, put one inside the other and side by side.

But did you know Nottinghamshire has its own signature filling?

The regional fill consists of succulent steak and rich Stilton cheese, topped with a layer of golden-brown potato.

Your Worksop Guardian asked readers on – for some suggestions.

The following list is in no particular order, but we are more than happy to add to the online list with ongoing suggestions.

So, with all this in mind – here are your suggestions for a perfect ‘pie stop’ in Worksop...