Worksop chippy is a lunchtime treat

As anyone who regularly reads our eating out reviews may have noticed, I have a severe weakness for fish and chips.

Thursday, 12th April 2012, 10:22 am

Whenever I spy that good old British classic on a menu, it takes an awful lot of will power to order something else, and I often fail.

For me there is something simply sublime about the combination of flavoursome fish in crisp golden batter, chunky chips and mushy peas - perfection.

So rather than have to battle my temptation, I decided instead to give into it entirely and head to the chippy for lunch.

And I didn’t have to go far to find a suitable candidate - Cypriana Fish Bar on Ryton Street.

Despite it being almost 2pm, the chippy was still busy, with people queuing-up to buy their various deep fried meals of choice.

As well as fish and chips the menu boasts the other traditional chippy favourites of sausages and pies, along with various kebabs.

There was also the obligatory jars of pickled eggs and pickled onions for those brave enough to give them a try.

But as I said earlier, I was a lady on a mission, and only one meal would do for me today.

Cypriana does have an eat in restaurant, but as I didn’t have much time, I opted to take my spoils back to the office.

As it was only lunch time I decided against having a full sized fish and opted for the mini fish meal - a mini cod, small chips and mushy peas all for just £3.80. Sold.

The lady serving behind the counter sported a welcoming smile as she took my order and wrapped it up for me.

Armed with my little lunch parcel I headed back to work. The food smelled great, and I couldn’t wait to tuck in.

And I wasn’t disappointed. My food was piping hot, which isn’t always the case with chip shop meals.

The batter on the fish was a deep golden brown and very crispy - just as it should be. The fish it encased was succulent and tasty and well cooked.

The chips were fat and full of flavour, but not at all greasy, and the mushy peas were a triumph. None of your washed out, grey peas here, but vibrant green and fresh.

The meal was more than enough as a filling lunch time meal and would also be plenty for those with smaller appetites at tea time.

If I find myself in need of a fish and chip fix in Worksop again - which, given my previous seems highly likely - I will definitely be paying Cypriana another visit.

Claire O’Neill