Louise's straight shooting show is at Nottingham Playhouse

Louise Orwin in A Girl And Gun.

Photo by Field and McGlynnLouise Orwin in A Girl And Gun.

Photo by Field and McGlynn
Louise Orwin in A Girl And Gun. Photo by Field and McGlynn
Legendary film director Jean Luc Godard famously claimed that all he needed to make a film was '˜a girl and a gun'.

Artist and theatremaker Louise Orwin, a big fan of his films, got to thinking about this and how the media’s portrayal of women has moved on in the 50-odd years since he made his claim. And she really wasn’t sure the movement has been positive!

Find out more in her entertaining show A Girl And A Gun, at Nottingham Playhouse on Friday, September 16, from 8pm.

Call the box office for ticket details on 0115 9419419.

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Louise created the show A Girl And A Gun in which she features alongside a different local male co-star in each town it visits.

This co-star will never have seen the script before so his reactions - and those of the audience - are genuinely spontaneous. By filming the show and playing it back in sections as part of the show it becomes a mix of live theatre and film-making. The show brims with wit and fun as well as being provocative and thought provoking.

A Girl And A Gun is a live multi-media performance structured as a live film-making experiment for theatres and art spaces. It has a razor sharp satirical script. .

A Girl & A Gun mischievously challenges not only ideas of masculinity and femininity, but also pop culture and broader society’s appetite for violence. It creates audience anticipation and complicity to provoke the viewer to examine their own appetite for violence in the media, and the intrinsic sexual objectification of women found all around us.

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A Girl And A Gun was commissioned by Contact Theatre (Manchester) and MC Theatre (Amsterdam) as part of their prestigious Flying Solo Festival.

Tickets are £10, £8. See www.nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk for more.

Photo by Field and McGlynn