Review: Jersey Boys tribute act

The Ragdolls Jersey Boys Tribute Band took Worksop’s Acorn Theatre by storm.

Their tribute to Franki Valli and the Four Seasons was quite something to see and theatre shook quite literally to the rafters.

After a very successful season in Blackpool, Worksop boy Shane Perkins made this homecoming a special one and the audience gave the band not just a warm welcome - they went wild.

Taking on the lead role Shane engaged in banter with the band as well as the audience and encouraged us all to get out of our seats and join in with the singing and dancing routines, which we all did with great enthusiasm.

The band’s moves were precise and in unison and their performance slick and polished. No wonder that Blackpool saw fit to extend their time there, so they’ll be back there soon.

As part of their tour their next appearance will be at Ricky Tomlinson’s Variety show in Liverpool and then they return to Blackpool and go on to Llandudno. What amazing energy to keep going at such a pace!

What made this an enjoyable evening was that everyone seemed to know the songs. Who could fail to at least hum along to ones such as Oh What a Night, Walk Like a Man and Big Girls Don’t Cry?

The fact that quite a few of the audience were too young to have heard these songs the first time didn’t seem to matter at all. It certainly didn’t stop them joining in and those who were there the first time round sang word perfect.

Shane had the ability to reach those really high notes demanded of the songs. Fellow singers, Michael Cosgrove, hit the really low notes with ease and Michael Shaw just oozed his love of singing and of the stage.

Of course the backing band was all-important too and it was quite amazing how much volume they could pump out. The vibrations could physically be felt. Darren Watson, Josh Hart, Daniel Green and Liam Kane gave it their all.

Keyboard player Darren (or was it Frankie Boyle) left his seat at one point to take pictures of the audience at a point where everyone was on their feet. It must have been quite a sight.

I was also struck by Liam Kane’s wonderful guitar – white with splashes of colour. These four really seemed to be enjoying themselves too especially when they joined in with the singing.

A nice touch to the close of the evening was the inclusion of the song I Can’t Take My Eyes off You to mark the recent death of Andy Williams.

Another unusual touch and one much appreciated, was the singers appearing to talk to audience members as they left the theatre.

A perfect evening’s entertainment which I’m sure will have Worksop clamouring for more.

By Wendy Fidoe