Review: Dynamo at Captal FM Arena Nottingham

Anyone who has seen Dynamo perform his magic tricks on the TV will probably wonder how it comes across in an arena setting.

The Bradford magician (Steven Frayne) who is most well known for walking on water at the River Thames, peformed his first arena show at Nottingam’s Capital Fm Arena on Wednsday night.

I can’t give too much away as it will spoil it but the show begins with an animation on the big screen of Dynamo as a youngster, giving an insight into what led him to where he is today. There follows card tricks - some more impressive than others - and plenty of audience particpation. The most impressive being a trick he does when he comes out into the crowd and chooses an assistant. Siblings from the audience were also picked for a trick that will leave you baffled.

On the whole it did feel a bit like the something spectacular we were waiting for didn’t happen. However that didn’t stop us asking the question ‘How did he do that?’

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