Review: Def Leppard at the top of their game on UK arena tour

Having at long last produced their latest work to rave reviews I waited with bated breath to see how much of this new platter would feature in the live Def Leppard experience.

By Roy Goodall
Monday, 14th December 2015, 2:10 pm
Def Leppard's bassist Rick Savage performing at Nottingham's Capital FM Arena
Def Leppard's bassist Rick Savage performing at Nottingham's Capital FM Arena

Like many established artists they do have a back catalogue of hits and normally feel duty bound to play them in the live arena, but for my money their best work has been in more recent times.

Anyway, opener Let’s Go, track one off their new self-titled album, got the ball rolling at Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena with Animal, Undefeated and Dangerous, another from the latest long-player following suit.

Frontman Joe Elliott really knows how to engage and connect with the audience which he does with ease. Rick Savage and Vivian Campbell are natural players and Rick Allen never puts a foot wrong. Phil Collen, who surely must be one of rock’s healthiest players, never slowed down either.

The lighting and stage set up was first class as it normally is, which really does transcend well into a huge colourful production that befits their status within the modern world of rock.

We got the regular hits, the David Essex cover Rock On, plus Joe unusually doing Two Steps Behind on his own complete with top hat and white leather jacket. With Pour Some Sugar it was soon time to hit the road though they did make a quick return for Rock Of Ages and Photograph.

There were some disappointments. I’d have liked to have heard more tunes from their latest album Def Leppard, which is stunning. Oh, and maybe less between song banter.

Over the years Sheffield has produced some magical musical exports with Def Leppard still very high on the list.

The band have style and panache by the bucket-load and really do know how to put on a proper show, even though you’ll always get me banging on about just a smattering more of current music. That aside, the boys are back!

Catch them at their homecoming show in Sheffield Arena on Satyurday, December 19.