Ocean Colour Scene festival support for Sheafs

Sheffield based band, Sheafs, are currently preparing for festival season as well as an upcoming autumn tour and are thriving on every second of it, writes Amos Wynn.

Friday, 20th July 2018, 9:30 am
Updated Friday, 20th July 2018, 9:37 am
Sheafs. Photo by Lewis Evans.
Sheafs. Photo by Lewis Evans.

Lawrence Feenstra (vocals), Chris Goodacre (guitar/backing vocals), Charlie Eastap (drums), Charles Mellor (guitar) and Callum Wright (bass) say that each gig is “going down well” at the moment and that they “cannot complain.”

So far, the band has released three singles: ‘Mind Pollution,’ ‘This Is Not a Protest’ and ‘Shock Machine’ with both being released last year.

Out of the cities they have toured, the five-piece believe “It’s hard to pick one favourite venue to play, as “each city has its own buzz”.

“The fact that we are actually going on tour is the biggest thing for us, as touring was one of the reasons behind why we wanted to form a band.”

One of the best experiences for the band since forming in 2015, was performing at Y Not Festival.

“;We went from playing our set for This Feeling to then playing in front of 2000 people on the Quarry Stage after Nadia Rose dropped out. The gig started with a can bring thrown at Lawrence; but ended with a flurry of mosh pits.”

This summer’s festivals sees Sheafs playing at Sheffield’s Don Valley Bowl on August 19, supporting Ocean Colour Scene and The Coral.

The band came together when Charles, Chris and Lawrence met whilst studying at Sheffield Hallam University, with Charlie and Callum joining later.

Forming in Sheffield has had an influence on the band’s music. “As well as obvious bands like the Arctic Monkeys and Milburn, who we rate very highly, we are also fans of lesser known Sheffield bands like The Harringtons, Little Man Tate, Dead Sons… The list goes on.”

Seeing other bands from the area having success, gives Sheafs confidence going forward with their music.

“We try to watch as many gigs possible, by doing that we can certainly confirm there are some top bands both locally and nationally.”

The name is simply after the River Sheaf that flows through Sheffield, but “also an area where everything has sheaf on it, we thought it had a ring to it so stuck with it.”

The band describe the support they have received from their friends and family as “unreal.”

“From hassling our mates to come and watch us, to borrowing a van from Charlie’s dad, we’ve been heavily reliant on them and they’ve never buckled. There is not a chance we would be doing what we are doing without them.”

In twelve months’ time, the band joke that they hope to have “ bigger tour van.” They will also be looking to continue the success that they have enjoyed so far.

And whilst they accept guitar music is not at its strongest at the current moment, they have no doubt it’s going to come back around because “it always does!”