Lincs: Comedy gets the Reduced Shakespeare treatment at Performing Arts

The Reduced Shakespeare Company are at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (LPAC) next week with their new show, The Complete History of Comedy (abridged).

The Reduced Shakespeare Company
The Reduced Shakespeare Company

Following a hugely successful, critically acclaimed season at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last year, and having already shrunk Shakespeare, the Bible and sports, the bad boys of abridgement will finally tackle the subject they were born to reduce.

From the high-brow to the low, The Complete History of Comedy (abridged)covers comedy through the ages, from Aristophanes and Shakespeare to Vaudeville and Charlie Chaplin.

The Complete History of Comedy (abridged) is far more affordable than tickets to an amusement park, but you’ll still come away with the same feeling of nausea and motion sickness.

From cavemen telling ‘rock rock’ jokes to Chris Rock and everything in-between, the RSC ensure that no joke is left untold as they deconstruct the entire history of comedy in 90 rollicking minutes.

Audiences are warned that the show will almost certainly feature uncontrollable milking and painful running gags.

The show is next Thursday (12th March) at 7.30pm.

Tickets priced £16 (£14 concessions) are available from the box office on 0844 8884414 or online at