Katie Price misses out on world record attempt - VIDEO

HUNDREDS of fans flocked to a nightclub in the region to see model Katie Price narrowly miss out on a world record.

The glamour girl, formerly known as Jordan, tried to break the world record of 1,951 books signed by former world chess champion, Anatoly Karpov, in 2006.

Around three hours into today’s attempt, Miss Price announced on Twitter: “Good turnout didn’t quite make it thanks to all my fans who came.”

A spokeswoman for her publisher, Random House, said there was “a terrific turnout” of fans who wanted copies of her new book, The Comeback Girl, signed but did not reveal how many copies Price signed claiming it was “standard practice” not to release the information if the record was not broken.

Miss Price said: “Wow. That was amazing. What a shame we didn’t quite break the record but we were close. Thanks so much to everyone who came along to support me. It’s been a really brilliant day and I loved every minute. My fans really are the best and it was great so many of them came out to try and help me do this. Woohoo. The Comeback Girl is already at number one.”

Liz Smith, records manager at Guinness World Records, said Price had shown “real passion and determination” in her attempt to break the world record at the O2 Academy in Leeds.

She said: “Unfortunately on this occasion Katie did not successfully achieve a new record, but we hope to welcome her for another record attempt in the future.”

Hundreds of screaming, mostly female, fans had crammed into the club and a queue snaked around the building.

Miss Price, who has starred in various reality shows and written six best-selling novels, said her latest book was set “around the celebrity world”.

Describing the plot, she said: “A singer who has fame then falls and has men who do kiss and tells on her then she gets a job on an X Factor type show, then she becomes famous again and meets men again but it is a happy ending.”

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