Happy Halloween - your top ten scary movies

From sweet treats, to a weird and wonderful variety of costumes, it is no surprise that Halloween has overtaken Valentine's Day in becoming the third largest celebration in Britain, with people spending more than £320 million on Halloween in 2017 alone.

Wednesday, 31st October 2018, 8:49 am
Updated Wednesday, 31st October 2018, 8:53 am
Halloween lantern. Photo by Pixabay.
Halloween lantern. Photo by Pixabay.

However, if you find yourself in-between being too old for trick or treating and not quite at the stage of having children to take, you may be finding alternative ways to spend All Hallows Eve. Turn off the lights, pretend you’re not home and treat yourself to a night full of frightful delights.

British online marketplace OnBuy.com surveyed 896 Brits aged 20 and over to discover how they intended to get their thrill this Halloween.

With celebrations taking place mid-week, it seems going out may not be a popular choice, so OnBuy sought to unveil what Brits would choose to watch.

The research revealed that more than half of Brits will be staying within the comfort of their homes this Halloween (64%), as opposed to the 31% that stated

they are heading out to take a younger family member or relative trick or treating.

Of those staying indoors, 57% stated they will be spending the evening with their romantic partner, in comparison to 28% who will be braving the ghastly night alone. For those staying in, respondents were asked which genre of scary movie they preferred, with 82% choosing spooky over gore and 73% opting for thriller over horror.

They were then asked, ‘Which films do you intend on watching this Halloween?’. Those surveyed were provided a list of classic films synonymous with Halloween and they selected up to three films they are more than likely to watch on Halloween.

Perhaps horror filled with gore and chainsaws, or a bloody spooky thriller which leaves you haunted for days. From the data collected OnBuy can reveal the top ten Halloween films Brits are most likely to watch this year are:

Hocus Pocus (72%), Friday the 13th (65%), A Nightmare on Elm Street (61%), Jeepers Creepers (58%), Halloween: 1978 (50%), IT (44%), Scream (42%), Beetlejuice (36%), The Corpse Bride (30%), and The Nightmare Before Christmas (25%).

Participants were then asked to decide which movie characteristic best suits their personality from ‘horror fanatic’ to the juxtaposed ‘scaredy cat’, and the overall results were: Thrill Seeker (36%), Horror Fanatic (22%), Scaredy Cat (18%), Tough Cookie (12%), Occasion Enthusiast (8%), with both Anxious Apprehensive and Adrenaline Junkie coming in at 5%. And finally, a mere 2% described themselves as Faint Hearted.