Ghost hunt at the Old Nick

Those brave enough to face the supernatural can enjoy a spooky night of ghost hunting at the Old Nick Theatre next week.

Friday, 10th May 2013, 12:32 pm
Ghost hunt at the Old Nick Theatre
Ghost hunt at the Old Nick Theatre

Paranormal events company Eerie Evenings is making its first visit to this unique building and are looking for intrepid ghost-hunters to join in.

Founder Chris Arnold said: “Over the past seven years we have explored many allegedly haunted places, but we kept hearing about Gainsborough’s Old Nick Theatre.”

“We have therefore decided that it is time to investigate this weird and wonderful venue which is supposedly haunted by a multitude of restless spirits.”

A Grade II listed building, The Old Nick started life in 1850 as the town’s police station, which housed criminals until 1970.

In 1979 it was taken over by Gainsborough Theatre Company, who created a 55 seat theatre where the courtroom had been, officially opening in 1980.

And if the stories are to be believed, The Old Nick has a host of spooky residents including a policeman who appears in courtroom, an old lady and little girl in the dressing rooms and a shadowy figure who roams the corridors.

The night will include the opportunity to enjoy psychic readings from the experienced mediums present.

Guests will learn about the history of the site, with tales of its past residents and current hauntings during a tour of this fascinating venue.

Once darkness has descended, the vigils will begin as the various groups investigate the most haunted areas of the building.

Guests will be able to take part in experiments such as séance, dowsing and glass-divination, with the opportunity to use real ghost-hunting equipment during the overnight vigils.

Refreshments will be provided throughout, as ghost-hunting can be thirsty work.

The event, on Friday 17th May, runs from 8pm to 2.30am. Tickets are £45 per person, with a 10 per cent discount for groups or 10 or more.

For more information or buy tickets, contact Eerie Evenings on 0845 201 3994 or visit