Gainsborough: Roisin Ban are sweeping into town on a wave of Irish spirit

Roisin Ban are playing live in Gainsborough this weekendRoisin Ban are playing live in Gainsborough this weekend
Roisin Ban are playing live in Gainsborough this weekend
From the heart of Yorkshire with a beating Celtic heart, Róisín Bán are coming to Gainsborough this weekend.

The band was gathered together in the early months of 2013 principally by leader, vocalist, fiddle maestro and ex-firefighter Chris Dyson.

The rest of the band comprises Tom Leedale, Paddy Hefferon and Steve Lacey on a variety of instruments.

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They had cast around for a name which pointed at both their Yorkshire roots but which also gave a nod to Irish culture.

They stumbled upon Róisín Bán as the Irish for White Rose and also the regional symbol of the county.

After a few tentative rehearsals they gelled as friends and they found their feet musically and are going from strength to strength.

Their first year saw them play the Fylde and Otley Festivals, Whitby Folk Week and have a monthly residency at the famous Leeds Irish Centre.

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Last year, they played at the Warwick Festival, The Hardraw Gathering and the Barnsley Lamproom Theatre.

The starting point, and shared love of the band, is music from the Irish tradition,

But if they stumble upon a number which suits them, they’re happy to tackle other styles.

The ‘craic’ is an important concept for the band and no toe is let untapped in a Róisín Bán show.

They are at the Old Nick Theatre in Gainsborough on Saturday night (25th April).

For ticket details, call the box office on 01427 239387.