Blondie entertains at Sherwood Pines

SHE might be older than my mum but punk goddess Debbie Harry can still rock it as she proved to an appreciative crowd at Sherwood Pines on Friday.

Monday, 24th June 2013, 9:35 pm
Blondie in concert at Sherwood Pines
Blondie in concert at Sherwood Pines

The Blondie front-woman brought her talented band to the Forestry Commission stage and proved that despite it being almost 40 years since she found fame and hit the big-time with the multi-platinum selling Parallel Lines album in 1978, she’s still willing and able.

Whilst other 67 year-olds might be more inclined to take it easy and use their bus pass for day trips, Debbie Harry has took to the tour bus to rekindle her glory days.

I was relieved that the sun had already gone down though as I stood in the crowd awaiting her entrance as I would have definitely needed the trademark Ray Ban Blondie sunglasses to dispel the glare from all the receding hairlines lined up like eggs in a carton.

It wasn’t quite the usual crowd at a concert as the average age was about 50 and I felt positively juvenile compared to most as the classes of 1977- 1980 gathered for the medley of nostalgic sounds of the seventies.

The New Jersey girl tore into hit after hit from Atomic, Tide is High, Heart of Glass, One Way or Another to Maria. The audience joined in with the familiar tracks proving that despite their increasing years their memory hadn’t lost the ability to recall the lyrics.

But it wasn’t all about the ‘good ole days’ as Blondie presented some new tracks which kept true to their roots and remained in the iconic Blondie style.

By Jackie Derbyshire