Another magical ice show

MICKEY and Minnie Mouse presented another magical show at the Motorpoint Arena this week, along with various stars of the screen.

Wednesday, 23rd November 2011, 10:44 am

The first half of the ‘Worlds of Fantasy’ ice spectacular was split between Cars, the Little Mermaid and Tinkerbell.

For the little boys in the crowd, the brilliantly created Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally, Ramone and Flo characters were a massive hit.

The Little Mermaid and Tinkerbell delighted the girls.

After the interval the show contained a condensed version of Toy Story 3.

Woody, the affable cowboy got the loudest cheer of the night, but he didn’t quite steal the show as Slinky, Hamm and Rex got plenty of laughs from the youngsters and adults in attendance.

How the skater who played Hamm managed to get around so smoothly skating on hands and feet amazed a very appreciative audience who weren’t shy of showing their approval.

The costumes were, as you’d expect from Disney, top notch – and the production values were high.

It’s often the little touches that make shows like these for both youngsters and adults alike.

A wave from a favourite character, a slapstick moment or a piece of genuinely impressive skating from the skilful cast sent the audience away with big grins on their faces.

If you missed out this time, never fear, as Disney on Ice returns to the Motorpoint Arena from 30th March to 1st April next year.

Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Snow White and others will feature in the ‘Princesses and Heroes’ themed show.