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“WE’RE getting dirty here in Nottingham tonight,” smiles bassist Este Haim, flirting with the rowdy Friday night crowd. Put all of the buzz around Haim aside for a second – let’s have some fun. With risqué banter and summery sounds, these three sisters from LA are here for one thing and one thing only – to have a ruddy good time. But don’t be fooled. While they may love a dance and a laugh, they’re also one of the tightest new bands you’ll see this year.

Breakthrough indie hit Forever enraptures the Bodega with its fatally addictive Americana rock warped by Thriller-era Jacko beats, and Go Slow is about as epic as a four minute pop song can be.

Recent single Save Me and the shimmering rumble of The Wire shake Nottingham to its core by unleashing the essence of what makes this band so great – it’s a wonderful world where Fleetwood Mac meets Destiny’s Child but with no ironic sense of ‘guilty pleasure’ whatsoever. They’ve got this awesome knack of delivering a pure rush of classic rock and a shameless dose of old school cheese whilst reclaiming these hallowed elements from the realm of the drunk dad at a karaoke bar.

Ending with the colossal Let Me Go, Haim showcase the vocal mastery that you’d find you’d find in any truly classic 90s R n’ B track above a slow-building desert soundscape of fiery West Coast guitar licks and solos before the whole thing crescendos into a manic but ecstatic four-way drum-off. And yes, it really was as good at that sounds.

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Andrew Trendell

Bodega Social Club, Nottingham

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