Worksop Harriers win 38 Notts Championship medals, as Fendley takes 23rd long jump title in a row

The Worksop Harriers Under 15 girls relay team, and Amy Fendley, coach and long jump champion
The Worksop Harriers Under 15 girls relay team, and Amy Fendley, coach and long jump champion
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The Worksop Harriers brought home a staggering 19 gold medals in a 38-medal haul from the County Track and Field Championships last weekend.

Moorways Stadium in Derby hosted the event, where Emily Race, Nathan Langley and William Hickton all won six medals each,and Amy Fendley won the county long jump title for a 23rd consecutive year.


Under 11s: Henry Dickinson: Quadkids (8th), 75m (13.0), long jump (2.49m), 600m (2:17), howler (20.5m); Olivia Hare: Quadkids (6th), 75m (13.3), long jump (2.31m), 600m (2:09), Howler (8.3m).

Under 13 girls: Freya Dolby: 100m, heat 1 (3rd, 14.56), final (6th, 14.81). 200m, heat 2 (4th, 30.2), final (5th, 30:42). 800m (5th, 2:39.01). 1500m (5th, 5:41.24); Lucy Forrest: 100m, heat 1 ( 4th, 14.69), final (5th, 14.79). 200m heat 1 (3rd, 30.51), final (7th, 31.02). Shot (Gold, 6.8m). Javelin (Silver, 14.12m). Long jump (10th, 3.48m); Jasmine Warner: 100m, heat 1 (5th, 16.42). Shot (7th, 4.71m); Laura Betts: 100m, heat 2 (3rd, 14.93), final (7th, 14.98). High jump (4th, 1.1m). Shot (5th, 5.59m); 4 x 100m relay: Lucy, Laura, Jasmine & Freya (Gold, 1:02:52).

Under 13 boys: Jake Charters:100m (7th, 17.37). 200m (4th, 37:18). 800m (6th, 2:59.310. 1500m (8th, 5:49:92). Javelin (Silver, 14.36m). Shot (Gold, 5.06m).

Under 15 girls: Emily Race: 100m, heat 1 (1st, 12.99), final (Gold, 13.02). 75mH (Gold, 11.9). Shot (Gold, 10.55m), High jump (Silver 1.56m). Long jump (Gold, 4.99m). Javelin (4th, 21.92m); Victoria West: 800m heat 1 (6th, 2:57:53). Shot (6th, 5.59m); Lucy Harrop: Discus (4th, 10.92m). Hammer (Bronze, 16.39m); 4 x 100m relay: Lucy F, Lucy H, Victoria & Emily (Bronze, 57:18).

Under 15 boys: William Hickton: 80mH (Silver, 15.67). Javelin (Silver, 27.88m). Long jump (Silver, 4.91m). High jump (Gold, 1.55m). Triple jump (Gold, 10.23m); James Caratt: Javelin (5th, 20.94). Hammer (Bronze, 22.54). Discus (Silver, 22.71m). Shot (Gold, 8.63m); Regan Langley: Javelin (6th, 20.02). Hammer (5th, 15.22). Shot (Silver 7.7m); 4 X 100m relay: Regan, Jake C, James & William (Gold, 1:01.52).

Under 17 men: James Lonsdale: 200m (4th, 25:12). 400m heat 1 (3rd, 55.74), final (5th, 54.53). 800m (Bronze, 2:10.7); Josh Charters: 800m (4th, 2:22.95). 1500m (Bronze, 4:40.55). 3000m (Silver, 10:41.16). Javelin (5th, 25.43). Shot (Bronze, 7.41m); Nathan Langley: 100mH (Gold, 16.1). 400mH (Silver, 1:01.37). 400m heat 2 (3rd, 54.94), final (DQ). Javelin (Gold, 36.52). Discus (Gold, 33.44m). Shot (Gold, 11.62); George Earle: high jump (Silver, 1.5m); 4 x 100m relay: George, Josh, Natan & James (Bronze, 51.74).

Under 20 women: Georgina Page: Discus (Gold, 28.18m). Shot (Gold, 8.82m), Hammer (Gold, 31.89m). Javelin (Silver, 14.98m).

Senior women: Amy Fendley: Long jump (Gold, 4.52m).

Senior men: Philip Carratt: 100m, heat 1 (7th, 15.14). Javelin (Bronze, 21.54).