Notts Arena struggling, draws made for scratch and handicap

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Dinnington C’s excellent start to the season continued, with victory over struggling champions Notts Arena.

Chris Salt won the opener, backed up in frame two by N. Beever.

Although Phil Linacre pulled one back for the Arena, Pip Taylor completed the win, to see Dinnington C remain undefeated so far this season.

The Champions Notts Arena were left licking the wounds after a third defeat already this season, compared to last season were they only lost four all year.

Breakers X continue to lead the way with a fourth straight win over Bassetlaw C.

Same as the previous week it was Daryll Peacock, David Wheat and John Fisher who were the winners.

Chris Longbottom gained what was to be a consolation point in frame three against Guy Dennis for Bassetlaw C.

Elsewhere Stanley G remain rooted to the bottom with a 3-1 defeat to Grove Mill.

And the only other side yet to earn a win this season is Warsop Ex-Servicemen who drew 2-2 with Welbeck B.

Division One: Stanley St G 1-3 Grove Mill, Notts Arena 1-3 Dinnington C, Welbeck B 2-2 Ex-servicemen’s, Warsop WMC 3-1 Welbeck A, Breakers X 3-1 Bassetlaw C, Clipstone 1-3 Notts Arena C, Breakers S 1-3 Langold Pocket.

Fixtures: Dinnington C v Grove Mill, Ex-Servicemen v Stanley St G, Welbeck A v Notts Arena, Bassetlaw C v Welbeck B, Notts Arena C v Warsop WMC, Breakers S v Breakers X, Langold Pocket v Clipstone.

There were only two wins in Division Two this week with the rest of the matches drawn.

Worksop Bowling Club’s Phil Clarke, Trevor Harrison and Ian Baines managed a 3-1 away win at Institute A of Tickhill to sit top of Division Two by 1 point.

Meanwhile Anston WMC gained their first win of the season 3-1 at home against Hodthorpe B.

The winning trio were veteren Dennis Turner, Bruce Elliot and Jordan Joynson.

Results: Woodend Pub 2-2 Stanley St B, Stanley St A 2-2 Stanley St C, Tickhill B 2-2 Hodthorpe A, Notts Arena B 2-2 Dinnington A. Bye - Harworth B.

Fixtures: Institute A of Tickhill v Anston WMC, Bowling Club v Woodend Pub, Hodthorpe B v Stanley St A, Stanley St B v Tickhill B, Stanley St C v Notts Arena B, Hodthorpe A v Harworth B. Bye - Dinnington A.

Scratch Singles: M Camm 472379 v J Bell 482178, P Gee 07985569770 v P Tinker 07955037473, O Turner 07858502562 v S Broughton 487378, J Fisher 07751361842 v R Cairns 07895388460, M O’Conner 07789812621 v C Elliott 07976775810, S Robinson 482684 v R Hill 07787130082, A Emmingham 477011 v J McNally 07980749473.

Byes: M Hagen 07956778439, T Shaw 07973811710, G Kirk 07931458102, P Robinson 07834257764, A Camm 472379, L Ryan 01777704948, A Westwood 01623-843406, S Bradley 07568584057, T Wilkinson 07880556259, M Croft 07733355361, A Carty 07931102093, J Mallender 07860847517, J Mann D Peacock 07833905060, M Kinnell 07870866703, C Frost 07870199441, R Young 07722887958, R Griffiths 07723626286, K Mc Donnell G Dennis 07870199441, B Elliott 07814502289, D Wheat 07751361842, J Joynson 07800929534, R Purcell 07724488922, D Oldfield 07734462124.

Handicap doubles: P Gee 07985569770 v P Tinker 07955037473, N Beeston 07727654316 v R Young 07722887958, M Lancashire v D Oldfield 07734462124, J Mallender 07860847517 v M Hagen 07956778439, R Cairns 07895388460 v P Linacre 07775510213, M O’Conner 07789812621 v R Turner, M Camm 472379 v P Taylor 561701, C Elliott 07976775810 v A Emmingham 477011, M Kinnell 07870866703 v R Purcell 07724488922, R Morris 07478656072 v S Bradley 07568584057, L Ryan 01777704948 v R Wyld 473636, S Robinson 482684 v T Wilkinson 07880556259, A Mallender 07837246603 v J McNally 07980749473, G Dennis 07870199441 v T Shaw 07973811710, C Hambry 07917333482 v S Mallender 07854237175, S Witham 07474344244 v J Joynson 07800929534, O Turner 07858502562 v B Elliott 07814502289, P Robinson 07834257764 v D Wheat 07751361842, D Wallace 07739594667 v G Parry 07710400528.

Byes: G Kirk 07931458102 A Camm 472379, W Heath 07719993611 A Westwood 01623-843406, K Mc Donnell K Creswick 476119, F Burke 07825065626 R Hill 07787130082, S Broughton 487378 J Bell 482178, M Croft 07733355361 J Fisher 07751361842, D Peacock 07833905060.

All matches are to be played by 30th November.

See next week’s Worksop Guardian for the Aggregate Pairs and League Pairs first round draws.