Harrier kids off to a victorious start

Ewan Bowns long jumping for Worksop Harriers

Ewan Bowns long jumping for Worksop Harriers

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Worksop Harriers got off to a winning start in the Notts Mini League track and field competition, at Bingham.

The next meeting is at Kirkby-in-Ashfield on 17th May.

Results: Under 11 boys: Jack Garsden: 80m (1st, 12.3), long jump (5th, 2.81m), howler (22.24m); Owen Bloomer: 150m (3rd, 24.5), 80m (12.6), howler (3rd, 23.85m); Jake Charters: 600m (4th, 2:31.1), howler (18.59m), long jump (2.44m); Flynn Ward: 150m (26.9), 80m (13.4), howler (19.54m); Harvey Turner: 150m (31.2), 80m (15.8), howler (8.00m; Henry Dickinson: 600m (3:10.6), 80m (15.8), howler (13.42m; Jack Cropper: 150m (40.2), 600m (3:16.8), 80m (17.4; 4 x 100m relay: Owen, Jake, Jack G & Flynn (1st, 65.5).

Under 11 girls: Freya Dolby:600m (1st, 2:00.8), 150m (2nd, 23.7 G3), howler (11.46m; Teegan Page: howler (1st, 19.03m), 80m (3rd, 12.8 G4), 150m (24.7; Mia Swindell: 150m (24.6), 80m (12.9; Eleanor Clark: 150m (25.1), 80m (13.3), howler (17.4m; Laren Kirk: 150m (27.3), 80m (14.4), high jump (2nd, 1.05m; Jasmine Warner: 150m 27.8), 80m (14.6), high jump (1.0m; Molly Hind: 600m (2:33.8), 80m (14.7; Emily Beeves: 80m (15.1), howler (6.8m; 4 x 100m relay: Eleanor, Mia, Teegan & Freya (1st, 63.8).

Under 13 boys: Laith Gladwin: high jump (2nd, 1.34m), 1500m (4th, 5:40.2), 200m (5th, 30.0; Callum Ward: 75mH (4th, 18.8; Ethan Warner: shot (5th, 5.1m), 100m (6th, 15.3), high jump (1.2m; Ewan Bowns: long jump (5th, 3.51m), 100m (15.8), 200m (33.7; Hayden Greaves:100m (16.2), high jump (1.1m), long jump (3.34m; 4 x 100m relay: Ethan, Ewan, Hayden & Laith (4th, 60.3).

Under 13 girls: Laura Betts: high jump (4th, 1.1m), long jump (2.95m), 100m (15.5; Ellie Fisher: shot (5th, 4.77m), long jump (2.08m; Erin Lonsdale: 70mH (6th, 18.7), 1200m (6th, 4:39.2), long jump (2.54m; Eugenie Baines: long jump (6th, 3.17m), 100m (7th, 15.3; Megan North: 200m (7th, 38.4), long jump (1.96m), shot (4.39m; 4 x 100m relay: Megan, Eugenie, Ellie & Laura (5th, 64.8).Under 15 boys: Nathan Langley: shot (1st, 10.54m, G4), 80mH (1st, 13.7), 200m (6th, 26.0; Nathan Garratt: high jump (1st, 1.59m, G4), long jump (2nd, 4.64m; Sam Wragg: 1500m (1st, 4:54.7), 100m (4th, 16.2), high jump (1.25m; James Carratt: 100m (17.4), shot (7.65m; 4 x 100 relay: Nathan G, Sam, James & Nathan L (4th, 59.5;

Under 15 girls: Sophie Mills: 200m (1st, 27.6, G4), 100m (2nd, 13.8; Emily Race: high jump (1st, 1.4m, G4), shot (3rd, 6.87m; Charlotte Oakes: long jump (5th, 3.88m), 1500m (6th, 6:01.5), shot 5.39m; Abigail Pennington: 100m (15.1), 200m (31.5), long jump (3.3m; Amelia Biddulph: 100m (16.2), high jump (1.25m), shot (5.85m; Emma Greaves: 100m (14.4), 200m (31.4), long jump (3.59m; Victoria West: 200m (35.9), shot (4.47m; 4 x 100m relay: Abigail, Emily, Charlotte & Sophie (2nd, 56.1).

Under 17 boys: Ryan Page: 100m (2nd, 12.5), 1500m (6:13.6), shot (2nd, 8.13m), long jump (3.62m; Tom Carratt: long jump (2nd, 4.83m),100m (13.1), 1500m (5:56.2), shot (7.3m; Daniel Beckett: 1500m (2nd, 5:21.6), 100m (13.2), long jump (3.3m), shot (6.91m).