Eighteen gold medals for Harriers at county event

Jack Garsden of Worksop Harriers
Jack Garsden of Worksop Harriers

The Worksop Harriers excelled at the county track and field championships, winning 51 medals – including 18 golds..

Georgina Page set a new championship record in the Under 17 girls hammer with a throw of 36.92m, and also took the Under 20s hammer, finishing the weekend with five golds and a bronze.

Amy Fendely, meanwhile, won the county long jump title for an unbelievable 22nd consecutive year.


Under 11s Quad Kids (75m/long jump/600m/howler): Freya Dolby: (gold, 11.7/2.77m/2:00/18.88m), Mia Swindell: (12.1/2.62m/2:18/14.94m), Jack Garsden (silver, 12.0/3.01m/2:13/25.49m), Jake Charters (13.4/1.97m/2:20/15.94m), Henry Dickinson: (14.7/1.61m/2:33/13.8m).

Under 13s: Charlotte Mills: 100m heat (6th, 15.79), Erin Lonsdale: 800m (8th, 2:54.91), Laith Gladwin: high jump (silver, 1.2m), 200m (bronze, 30.5), 1500m (5th, 5:31.86), Regan Langley: javelin (silver, 20.99m), shot (silver, 7.17m), Ethan Warner: 800m (8th, 2:53.69).

Under 15s: Emily Race: 75mH (gold, 12.13), javelin (silver, 21.18m), high jump (silver, 1.45m), shot (silver 8.47m), long jump (bronze, 4.43m),100m heat (3rd, 13.46), 100m final (7th, 13.85), Sophie Mills: 100m heat (2nd, 13.15), 100m final (bronze, 13.2), 200m heat (2nd, 26.89), 200m final (bronze, 26.66), 4 x 100m relay (bronze, 58.02), Nathan Langley: 80mH (gold, 2.78), discus (gold, 28.94m), shot (gold, 10.14m), high jump (silver, 1,5m), hammer (silver, 28.89), 200m (4th, 26.21), Josh Charters: 800m (gold, 2:15.37), 1500m (bronze, 4:49.82), javelin (bronze, 22.02m), 300m (5th, 44.27), discus (5th, 14.78m), shot (6th, 6.95m), Nathan Garratt: high jump (gold, 1.55m), Ryan White: triple jump (bronze, 8.39m), 80mH (4th, 18.30), high jump (6th, 1.3m), William Hickton: long jump (bronze, 4.56m), high jump (4th, 1.4m), 200m (6th, 28.32), James Carratt: javelin (4th, 18.34m), hammer (4th, 19.04), discus (4th, 15.05m), shot (4th, 7.26m), Regan Langley: discus (6th, 14.36m), 4 x 100m relay (bronze, 54.95).

Under 17s: Georgina Page: hammer (gold, 36.92m, championship record), shot (gold, 9.22m), discus (gold. 28.97), javelin (bronze, 15.48m), Tom Carratt: high jump (gold, 1.55m), triple jump (silver, 10.21m), javelin (bronze, 21.0m), pole vault (4th, 2.3m), George Earle: 400mH (gold, 1:07.36), 800m (4th, 2:15.89), James Lonsdale: 800m (silver, 2:07.36), high jump (silver, 1.5m), 200m heat (4th, 25.47), 1500m (4th, 4:44.71), 400m (6th, 56.35), Daniel Beckett: 1500m (6th, 5:04.13), 4 x 100m relay (silver, 56.24).

Under 20s: Victoria Page: discus (gold. 19.83m), hammer (silver, 29.35m), javelin (gold, 13.8m), shot (silver, 6.68m), Georgina Page: shot (gold, 7.93m), hammer (gold, 30.43m), Ben Twible: 100m (gold, 12.65), 400m (gold, 56.44m).

Seniors: Amy Fendley: long jump (gold), javelin (5th, 21.84m), Lucinda Fendley: long jump (silver), javelin (4th, 23.36m), James Charters: javelin (4th, 19.39m), Philip Carratt: javelin (5th, 18.97m).

Over 35 veterans: James Charters: shot (silver, 6.89m), hammer (bronze, 20.97m), discus (4th, 14.31m), Philip Carratt: 100m (bronze, 15.0), discus (bronze, 15.27), shot (4th, 6.39m).

In the annual exchange trip to Cottus, Germany the Harriers finished as follows in the City lauk 10km: Peter Fendley (34th, 2nd V60, 49:35), Dennis Learad (66th, 43:24), Steve Rewston (68th, 43:30), Mark Eyre (79th, 44:41), Mike Moran (147th, 51:56).

Worksop Harrier Colin Laughton finished the Edinburgh marathon in 3hours 22 minutes.