VIDEO: Anston BJJ black belt bringing MMA to Sheffield’s Octagon Centre

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A martial arts expert from Anston is rolling out a new venture – with a mixed martial arts fight night at the Octagon Centre in Sheffield.

John Goldson holds black belts in karate, taekwondo and his main sport Brazilian Jiujitsu – the art of grappling.

And he’s giving others a platform to show off their fighting skills at his ‘Say Uncle’ show on 24th May this year.

Goldson, who runs ‘Forge Martial Arts Gracie Barra Sheffield’ near Crystal Peaks, explained what fight fans could expect from a night of mixed martial arts.

“MMA is a combination of stand up fighting, things like Muay Thai and kickboxing, and ground fighting, things such as judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu and wrestling.”

“We’ll have anyone from first time amateurs to professional fighters on the show.”

After spending most of his life training in the various combat sports, the former Dinnington Comprehensive student explained to the Guardian why he was getting into the promotion side of a sport that has received more than its fair share of negative press in the past.

He said: “I’ve been doing martial arts since I was 11.”

“I started with karate, moved on to taekwondo and then on to Brazilian jiujitsu, in which I received my black belt three years ago, as the first black belt in Sheffield.”

“My main intention now with Say Uncle is to promote the sport of MMA as a professional sport, instead of the kind of sport that’s hidden behind closed doors, or underground.”

“We want to raise the profile of the sport.”

Say Uncle promises a fight card of around 15 bouts, with amateur fighters and professionals doing battle inside a cage, refereed by well respected MMA official Neil Hall.

The show will be for over 14s only.

Tickets, priced £20 and £25, can be purchased from




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