Will they listen to us?

I am no relation to the couple who were highlighted in the paper last week over their experience regarding the time an ambulance arrived to take his wife to hospital.

As the couple said, the paramedics who did arrive were praised for what they did. We all seem to forget these people, who work in a highly professional way.

I assume that they get frustrated at what is taking place when they talk of performance times and when this is not met they are the ones who every day will get some backlash from the public, albeit they are doing a highly stressful job, sometimes in very distressing situations that the every day person would shy away from.

The public get frustrated when people in high places seem to think they know best when the people on the ground are the ones who take the flack for what happens and the public have to protest at things that are happening to there services.

They may have started a consultation but will they listen? It appears that there is a consensus that placing a hub nearer to Worksop and Retford is what people are saying.

But if you look in the West Midlands they are keeping stations open as well as the new hubs, in fact they are doing stations up, a different attitude to the way they see things to get there service up to performance targets as required.

Anyway hopefully EMAS will listen to people’s concerns and what the service people expect from their ambulance service.