Turnout was impressive

how impressed I was by the excellent attendances at this year’s Remembrance Sunday ceremonies throughout the region.

In Clowne for example, there were people of all ages including families with small children who behaved impeccably! However, what warmed my soul most of all was the excellent sound system that Clowne Parish Council had used to enable everyone attending to hear every word that was being said the those conducting the service. Those poignant words ‘They gave their today for our tomorrow’ rang out deep and true.

Another aspect of Clowne’s first class order of service was when the service men and women laid their wreaths before the civic dignitaries. Indeed the local churches laid their own wreaths after the service personnel and before our local council members. Well done to those who decided to alter the agenda in this small but symbolic way.

But for me, the one thing that was missing from the service was the reading out of the names of the fallen. Surely just for a second or two it would not hurt to include this and they used to in times gone by. Another little thing missing for me was the stone plaque that used to lie in the wall close to the wall memorial and simply read: Clown (without the ‘e’). Yes, during both the Great War and the Second World War, Clowne had a members-owned Cooperative Society. How sad that nowadays it’s all about profits for the already fat cats and not for the benefit of the local people.


East Avenue, Stanfree